The National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures

brought together thousands of people to spur the United States toward the vision of using and managing chemicals in ways that are safe and healthy for all people.

People in the United States encounter thousands of different chemicals in their daily lives and have questions about chemicals and health that cannot be answered adequately today. Addressing Public Health and Chemical Exposures: An Action Agenda presents recommendations that can help government agencies and other organizations strengthen their efforts to protect the public from harmful chemical exposures.

Action Agenda recommendations seek to further the following public health goals:

  • Protect public health by preventing harmful chemical exposures
  • Collect and use information on chemicals and population health to enable effective public health protection
  • Achieve a more complete scientific understanding of chemicals and their health effects
  • Promote health and wellness in vulnerable communities affected by environmental chemical exposures
  • Strengthen the public’s ability to participate effectively in environmental health decision making
  • Strengthen the capacity of the public health and health provider work force to address the needs of people exposed to harm from chemicals
  • Reduce harm from chemical emergencies through prevention, planning, and coordination
Authored by the National Conversation Leadership Council, the Action Agenda reflects the input of thousands of people who participated throughout the National Conversation process.